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GeoThermal Heat Pumps

What Is a Geothermal Heat Pump?

A geothermal heat pump is an environmentally friendly system that harnesses the Earth’s natural heat to regulate the temperature of your home. By extracting heat from beneath the Earth’s surface, it provides a sustainable alternative to traditional heating and cooling methods, eliminating the need for fossil fuels. Known by various names including ground-source, GeoExchange, earth-coupled, water-source, or earth-energy heat pump, this versatile technology has the capability to both heat and cool your dwelling. Unlike conventional furnaces that produce heat, a geothermal heat pump operates by transferring heat through a network of coils called geothermal ground loops, effectively utilizing the consistent underground temperature to achieve energy efficiency and comfort in your living space.

Geothermal Heat Pump

Looking for a new, efficient way to heat and cool your home in Massachusetts or Rhode Island? ClearWater Pump & Well Service suggests upgrading to a cutting-edge geothermal heat pump system. Unlike traditional HVAC systems, geothermal pumps leverage the stable temperatures underground, providing a solution that is not only more affordable over time but also significantly more energy-efficient and environmentally friendly.


ClearWater Pump & Well Service is your local expert in geothermal system installations. With our comprehensive guide to geothermal heat pump installation, we’re dedicated to assisting residents throughout the Boston & Providence areas. Our goal is to empower you with the knowledge needed to make the best decision for your home’s heating and cooling needs. Trust us to bring the comfort of geothermal energy into your Massachusetts or Rhode Island home with ease and expertise.

Introduction to Geothermal Heat Pumps

Discover the future of home heating and cooling with ClearWater Pump & Well Services geothermal heat pumps in Massachusetts and Rhode Island. Unlike traditional systems that rely on fossil fuels, our geothermal HVAC systems harness the Earth’s consistent underground temperature to provide your home with efficient, eco-friendly heating and cooling.

What Makes Geothermal Heat Pumps Unique?

Our geothermal HVAC systems stand out by drawing sustainable heat from below the Earth’s surface, offering a greener alternative to oil-burning counterparts. This innovative approach not only minimizes environmental impact but also delivers substantial savings on electricity bills and long-term energy consumption.

Geothermal Heat Pumps Overview

Geothermal heat pumps might seem complex, but their operation is straightforward and reliable. By leveraging the Earth’s stable temperature, these systems efficiently heat and cool your home, reducing reliance on less sustainable energy sources.

Benefits of Geothermal Heat Pump Systems

  • Cost Savings: Enjoy 30-60% savings on heating and 20-50% on cooling costs.
  • Quick ROI: Despite higher upfront costs, the savings quickly add up, often within just a few years.
  • Eco-Friendly: Lower your carbon footprint and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Quiet Operation: Forget the noise typical of conventional units.
  • Safety and Comfort: Benefit from a system that’s safe, clean, and improves indoor air quality.
  • Tax Incentives: Take advantage of local tax benefits for installing energy-efficient solutions.
  • Durability: Expect a lifespan of up to 25 years for indoor components and 50 years for the ground loop system.
  • Universal Application: Perfect for new builds or retrofits in any home.


How It Works

Clearwater Pump & Well Services geothermal systems efficiently transfer heat between your home and the Earth. In winter, they draw warmth from the ground to heat your space. In summer, they reverse the process, removing heat from your home to cool it down, all while maintaining optimal comfort levels.

Embrace a sustainable future with Clearwater Pump & Well Services geothermal heat pumps. Serving homeowners in Massachusetts and Rhode Island we’re here to help you make an informed choice about your heating and cooling needs. Join us in reducing carbon footprints and enjoying the myriad benefits of geothermal energy.

Geothermal Heat Pump Unit Types

There are several types of geothermal heat pump installations. Which type of unit will work best for your home will depend on the climate where you live, soil conditions, the size of your home that needs to be heated and cooled, and the local costs for the installation process.

Horizontal ground loops, vertical systems, and pond or lake loops are closed-loop systems that circulate heat through underground pipes. Open loop system pipes use a nearby water source like a well to circulate heat.

  • Horizontal system: Horizontal ground loops of layered coils and polyethylene pipes are buried in six-foot-deep trenches. This type of heat pump installation is ideal for approximately 2,000 square foot homes that have large ground space of up to 400 feet to build the trenches.
  • Vertical system: On properties with a limited amount of ground space, a vertical ground loop installation requires four-inch diameter holes to be drilled at 100 to 400 feet deep into the earth.
  • Pond/lake loop: Draws heat from a nearby lake or pond through a blanket of water that covers 10-foot-deep coils that are anchored onto racks to generate through the closed loop system.
  • Open loop: Open-loop pumps are water source heat pumps that use a nearby water source like a well. The pipe system cleans ground water to generate through the system and transform it into heat for your home.

Optimizing Your Home for Geothermal Heat Pump Installation with Clearwater Pump & Well Service

Are you contemplating an eco-friendly upgrade by transitioning to a geothermal heat pump system? Clearwater Pump & Well Service stands ready to expertly guide your shift from a traditional HVAC system, ensuring your home is primed for this innovative heating and cooling solution.

Assessing Your Home’s Geothermal Readiness

Embarking on the geothermal journey begins with a critical assessment of your home’s suitability for a geothermal heat pump system. Engaging a Clearwater Pump & Well Service expert for a comprehensive heat pump evaluation is a pivotal first step. Our specialists are equipped to conduct a thorough inspection, tailored to identify your home’s heating and cooling specifications.

This assessment involves a detailed “Manual J” calculation, a process that scrutinizes:

The square footage of your home.

The quality of insulation.

The intended use of the space.

BTU calculations are influenced by occupancy, windows, and doors.

Armed with this information, our Clearwater Pump & Well Service professionals will accurately estimate the energy required to maintain your home’s comfort year-round, ensuring your geothermal heat pump system is perfectly suited to your needs.


The Geothermal Installation Process

Once you secure your professional HVAC technicians and are approved for your new heat pump permit, it’s time to undergo the geothermal installation.

Step 1: Drilling and Ground Loops Installation

With the use of heavy machinery, trenches will be dug on your property to allow for the installation of the ground loop piping into the earth.

Step 2: Ductwork Installation (If Applicable)

If you have adequate existing ductwork, this step will not be necessary, but for homes that do not have existing ductwork, new ductwork will be installed to connect the ground loops to your heat pump.

Step 3: Heat Pump Installation

The heat pump unit will replace an existing furnace, boiler, or HVAC system. After removing the old system, the heat pump will be installed in its place to connect to ducts that connect to the ground loop system.

Step 4: Wiring Connections

Your heat pump system will be connected to the electricity in your home through connective wiring, making sure there is power generated to operate the system. Your new heat pump is assessed for proper operation and safety before the job is complete.

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